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A brief overview of The Shiatsu Bus C.I.C



The company will work to promote and deliver a professional, accessible, and user-centric mobile Shiatsu therapy service to all sections of the community in Derbyshire and the surrounding Districts. The aim is to overcome some of the barriers associated with accessing Shiatsu therapy by some sections of the community and to promote the physical health and mental wellbeing benefits of Shiatsu to everyone, especially to those with mental health needs, on a low income and people facing rural exclusion.


To establish this social enterprise I will take The Shiatsu Bus service to events including fairs, community days, AGMs, wellbeing, and health awareness days, and corporate wellness days and work with statutory, commercial, and voluntary sectors to achieve this.  


Through delivering a mobile Shiatsu therapy service in a purpose-built mobile clinic to all members of the local community the plan is to overcome such barriers as accessibility and cost associated with accessing such a service and make the physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing benefits of Shiatsu available to everyone regardless of their circumstances. By taking this service directly to people and eliminating the need to travel to see a therapist, I aim to reach sections of the community that face challenges such as mobility issues, mental health needs, rural exclusion, and poverty, in a unique way that has the experience of the end-user as its primary motivating force. In order to deliver this service in the most effective way people will be encouraged to take an active role in their health and wellbeing and by working with statutory, commercial, and voluntary sector organisations I aim to gain better access to communities across Derbyshire and surrounding Districts.