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Are you suffering from nagging back pain and/or stiffness that makes you reach for the painkillers and stops you from doing what you love? 


The Shiatsu Bus has the solution!

Do you feel that your back is getting stiffer and stiffer over time - and no matter what you do, it only seems to get worse? Were you told by your doctor that it's "to be expected" at your age, or that "everyone gets some stiffness"? Maybe you're worried about where it's come from... or worried that it's going to get worse? 


The good news is you're not alone and I help people with this exact type of problem All the time!  

People with back pain in Derbyshire developed it out of the blue. Maybe it started one day when they were lifting something, or maybe they just woke up one day with it. They usually hoped it would go away on it's own... but it hasn't. Before long, months have passed... and it's only getting worse!


A lot of people with back pain in Derbyshire do go to their doctor for some advice. Unfortunately, 90% of these people are told to "just rest it" and "take some pain killers"...  


However, we now know that this is really poor advice for back pain and can make it WORSE in the long run! Back pain is usually caused by a number of different factors, that if left uncorrected, can continue to cause trouble.


Rest won't help and neither will pain killers - they only mask the problem. You've probably been told 100 different things about your back pain by friends and family. Maybe it was all contradictory and probably left you scared and confused?  


Luckily, I help people over 50 every single week who are suffering, confused and anxious because of their back pain.  If any of the above sounds like you, then why not take one of the options below and let me help you make the right decision about getting your back better?

Currently suffering from back pain?
Here are 5 things you can do TODAY to help!


Avoid taking too much rest - Have you ever been told to rest after an injury? With back pain, rest will usually make your symptoms worse, even though this sounds counter-intuitive! 


Make a plan for getting better - Most people just do nothing when they get back pain, hoping it will go away on its own. The fact is, it often doesn't... and you need a plan laid out to get better before it gets worse! 


Choose the right exercises - Exercises are an essential part of a recovery from back pain. However, it's really easy to choose the wrong ones and make your symptoms worse! Speak to me on the phone if you would like some more advice. 


Get highly effective hands-on treatment - Hands-on Shiatsu is incredibly effective at treating back pain! You might not get this type of treatment or level of care on the NHS. It has been shown to be incredibly effective for back pain alongside a proper exercise programme. 


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