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Transform Your Team's Well-being with The Shiatsu Bus

The Shiatsu Bus provides a unique and welcoming space for onsite Shiatsu massage treatments to help your staff feel relaxed and energized.

Support Your Team with Healthier Posture

The Shiatsu Bus helps support your team by providing access to pain relief and better posture for a healthier work environment.


Optimal Comfort & Convenience

Our treatments are provided at your workplace without any disruption to other staff and without any additional cost or setup fees. As a fully certified Shiatsu therapist with over eight years of experience, we are here to help you create an environment where everyone can achieve their highest level of health and wellness.


Experience the Benefits of Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage can help reduce stress, improve circulation, reduce muscle tension, promote relaxation, and increase energy levels. Give your workforce the experience of the healing benefits of this ancient Japanese practice today!


I am fully insured and a registered member of The Shiatsu Society UK which holds a register of practitioners.



In my experience of doing corporate onsite massage, it became clear that there was a fair bit to organise when inviting therapists to come onsite to visit staff. This takes up valuable time, resources, and office space. My idea was to create a solution to this problem by creating a mobile therapy space that can be driven on-site, thus making the whole process simpler and more cost-effective. 


As we return to the workplace it's time to think about how best to look after your employee's health and wellbeing.

Shiatsu treatments offered to employees as a well-being service is a practical, enjoyable, and cost-effective means to reduce stress, promote good health and reduce absenteeism. The Shiatsu Bus offers onsite treatments without the need to find a suitable space and is available for Corporate onsite massage.

A unique solution to

Employee Health and Wellbeing

"The COVID-19 pandemic has already posed unimaginable risks to populations across the globe. Its impact has extended directly into UK workplaces and is obvious across a number of our survey findings.


The survey highlights a very high level of concern on the part of HR professionals for people’s mental health as a result of the challenges they face. On a more optimistic note, our survey shows evidence of most organisations increasing their focus on health and wellbeing and doing their best to support people in a holistic way. It’s encouraging that senior leaders are taking more serious notice of well-being issues because they have the influence to transform the culture as well as practice in organisations. A key priority for HR professionals is to ensure that health and wellbeing continues to receive heightened attention in the boardroom when the threat from COVID19 recedes and it’s no longer an urgent business continuity issue." 


Taken from the CIPD - Health and Wellbeing at Work 2021 Survey Report

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Research suggests that due to stress and poor lifestyle choices, absenteeism costs employers upwards of £550 per person per year, on-site therapy can help to address this problem.


The idea of providing corporate on-site massage in a mobile therapy van derived from being contacted by Radio Derby. I attended their offices one cold early spring morning in March 2019 so that they could interview me and see the finished bus. Throughout the morning, staff were sent out to the wood burner heated bus to sample a treatment. Their comments were recorded live on air. The feedback for the bus received was really positive, with staff commenting on how beneficial it felt to enter a serene, warm environment for twenty minutes or so to get away from their desks, have their aches and pains relieved with a tailored to their needs treatment and re-charge their batteries, before getting back to the office refreshed, with comfortable bodies and ready to work, proving that this concept could work in this environment.


The Shiatsu Bus now has regular corporate clients and I strongly believe that staff really value and appreciate having a service like this provided for them by their employer. It boosts staff morale and has a generally positive effect within the workplace.

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A unique warm environment for massage


The space inside the Shiatsu Bus is temperature-controlled and features a woodburning stove and privacy glass which makes for a cosy and welcoming environment. Solar panels on the roof power all the electricity onboard and the awning on the side of the van turns into a tent to create a dedicated space for multiple therapists to treat at once. This feature lends itself well to a variety of events including corporate wellness days.

Join us in supporting our local community

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By supporting your local community, whether through forging bonds with local enterprises, or donating towards good causes - you are not only in a stronger position to win customer loyalty, but can strengthen your brand and create a better working environment for your staff.

We believe in supporting the local community and so when a corporate booking is paid for in full, we donate 20% towards a treatment for someone local who suffers from mental health challenges and wouldn't normally be able to access our services - your donation makes up the rest of the treatment cost. This Buy one Give Towards One is central to our business model and I hope you will enjoy supporting our local community together.

Supporting your local community
Session Options

If you would like more information or to discuss anything about our Corporate Services please get in touch - either by completing the form or call us on 07832 614 855.

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