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Fill out your details and we'll be in touch to hear more about your problem and find out which appointment type is right for you!​

  • A diagnosis and our best estimate for what it will take for your problem to get better.

  • Targeted hands-on treatment from a specialist. 

  • A simple but effective rehabilitation programme to work on at home. ​


Please note: I only have a limited number of new patient appointments available - so enquire now to avoid missing out!

Dan is amazingly skilled at what he does, provides a fantastic massage experience that fits in with your lifestyle. I met up with Dan in the peaks nearby my home and had a lovely Shiatsu treatment followed up by some aftercare advice, overlooking the Derbyshire Dale's in the glorious Autumn sunshine, I felt relaxed and ache-free afterwards. I also highly recommend the home visits but occasionally it is nice to take in views with your treatment of which there are plenty near where I live! Coupled with the powerful effects of the Shiatsu Dan delivers, this truly is a unique experience and one I can recommend to anyone who is strapped for time but wants the best quality care there is on offer in Derbyshire. I am yet to find better than the Shiatsu Bus and I will continue to use this service because it ticks all the boxes for me.

Jade, late 50's, Google

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Request Information about
Cost and Availability
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