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How Dan helped me get back to doing what I wanted most.....

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Before I went to see Dan I had been in constant pain for about 18 months. I tried an Osteopath and a Physiotherapist (who didn't manage to get to the bottom of my constant nagging back pain), and a deep tissue massage which helped but it was very difficult to get an appointment with her.

The painkillers I was prescribed helped temporarily mask some of the symptoms but I wasn't happy with making them a feature in my life. I couldn't walk properly when I decided to try the Shiatsu Bus so the home visit was an absolute godsend.

Dan went about finding what I wanted from my treatment and what I wanted to get back to doing most, which was to be able to keep up with my energetic daughter and just normal stuff, days out, etc. which become more difficult when you are getting constant flare-ups.

I'm happy to report that two years on I live pain-free and am more active than ever. I felt almost better after the 3rd treatment and by the end of the course, I had stopped all my painkillers and got back the freedom to do what I loved most which were to enjoy an active family lifestyle.

I now book an appointment on The Shiatsu Bus as and when required and I find this is all I need to maintain the work we did back then. Whenever I hear of a work colleague having issues like I did and not getting very far with a physio or a chiropractor, I recommend l they give it a go, what's the worst that can happen?!


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