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Privacy Policy


Data that we collect and useBy ‘data’ we refer to the information that you submit to us via our online forms, over the telephone or through email. We only collect information that will help us to provide the best possible service for you. Any information that you provide to us will only be used in order to fulfil a service like provide information that you have requested, book an appointment or so that we can provide the necessary follow-up where appropriate. The legal basis for collecting this data is for the legitimate interests of both you and us, in order to help us provide the best service we possibly can to you.

Sharing of Data
We do not share your data with third party sites or agencies, except under legal circumstances. We may input your data to secure systems that help us to process your data, but the involved systems are not able to keep, use or store your data. The only times we would disclose your information to another organisation would be if we were required to do so by law, if we had a moral obligation to disclose information to protect you or someone else, or to protect the property and employees of the company.

When and Why We Contact You
Based upon the information that you provide us, we will contact you in order to fulfil your enquiries, to provide information that you request and to follow up where appropriate, whether that may be via telephone, email or by post.

Upon submitting a request for one of our free guidebooks, due to the nature of the information included in the guidebooks, it is our policy for us to ask you to confirm that you agree to be contacted via email or telephone so that we can follow up. Our follow-up contact with you is not promotional in nature and is to ensure that you have received full benefit from our service. You can opt out of this communication at any time by following the instructions in any of our communications with you or contacting us on the email address given below.

Opting Out/In
You have the right to opt out of follow-up from us at any time. We have made reasonable efforts to make this as simple a process as possible. You may unsubscribe from our email follow-up via a link in any email. Alternatively, contact to request to unsubscribe. There will be clear methods for opting out outlined in the other forms of communication.

Security and Information Protection
The security of your information is very important to us. All reasonable steps are taken to protect your information. We use generally accepted methods of security when processing your data. However, as no information transfer online can be guaranteed to be secure, we cannot guarantee the security and transmission of your data. We can guarantee that we will carry out due diligence and protect your data to an acceptable standard, but cannot guarantee absolute security.

The information we hold about you is protected by firewalls and other hardware/software that protects from data hijacking and data theft. Unfortunately, as no system is 100% secure, we are unable to guarantee with absolute certainty that your data is 100% secure. We are unable to assume responsibility for any data that is stolen, destroyed or inadvertently disclosed.

We only hold onto the data that you provide to us for as long as is needed for us to fulfil our service to you or until you ask for us to delete it.

Cookies and Online Preference Data
We may use data based on number of clicks, navigation around our site and other such metrics to analyse the experience we bring to our customers. Although this data is collected and viewed on Google Analytics software, it is anonymised and can never be used to identify you, either by us or by the third party analytics software that we use.

We do not knowingly collect data from any children under the age of 16. If you are under the age of 16 and have disclosed data to us, please inform us and we will make all commercially reasonable steps to erase it from our database. We will follow this same procedure if we become aware of the fact that we have collected data from an individual under the age of 16.

Clinical notes
All of our clinical notes that we keep from each appointment is kept in line with government, HCPC and CSP regulations at all times, both electronically and in paper copy.

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