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If you need a great Shiatsu Therapist - HE'S HERE!! My history of back problems means I have had lots of experience of professionals working to help me. Dan has been amazing, however, with his holistic approach to recovery and maintenance and with his mobile clinic that really is a joy to use and fits into my schedule perfectly. He has not only worked on my back during the sessions, but empowered me with the tools to strengthen and maintain a balanced and healthy core, thus preventing further problems and difficulties! Keep up the great work, Dan and THANK YOU!!

I would like to both thank you for your attention and congratulate you on the treatment I received which has enabled me to resume a satisfactory level of mobility.Having reached the age of 82, had two hip replacements and subsequently three dislocations I had almost despaired of regaining a reasonable level of walking but thanks to your initial assessment and subsequent treatment I am now enjoying walking once again .I will not hesitate to revisit you from time to time as required

Before I went to see Dan I had been in constant pain for about 18 months. I tried an Osteopath and a Physiotherapist (who didn�۪t manage to get to the bottom of my constant nagging back pain), and a deep tissue massage which helped but it was very difficult to get an appointment with her. The painkillers I was prescribed helped temporarily mask some of the symptoms but I wasn�۪t happy with making them a feature in my life. I couldn�۪t walk properly when I decided to try the Shiatsu Bus so the home visit was an absolute godsend. Dan went about finding what I wanted from my treatment and what I wanted to get back to doing most, which was to be able to keep up with my energetic daughter and just normal stuff, days out, etc. which become more difficult when you are getting constant flare-ups. I�۪m happy to report that two years on I live pain-free and am more active than ever. I felt almost better after the 3rd treatment and by the end of the course, I had stopped all my painkillers and got back the freedom to do what I loved most which were to enjoy an active family lifestyle. I now book an appointment on The Shiatsu Bus as and when required and I find this is all I need to maintain the work we did back then. Whenever I hear of a work colleague having issues like I did and not getting very far with a physio or a chiropractor, I recommend l they give it a go, what�۪s the worst that can happen?!

After using a number of local physios and chiropractors, at my wife's suggestion and with some hesitation, I contacted the Shiatsu Bus for a shoulder condition that was causing increasing discomfort and limiting movement. The first exploratory session with Dan was very reassuring in that he was confident he could help. And he did... with a combination of massage, manipulation and home exercises. Even the first session provided immediate benefits. Dan knows his business and I have no hesitation in recommending him (as I already have). Many thanks

Three months ago I was at a low point and in lots of pain. My fitness, pain and life has improved so much due to Dan�۪s skills of listening to my issues and finding the best solution through his holistic approach to health and well being. I could not rate Dan and the Shiatsu Bus service higher. He is very professional, knowledgeable and caring and always seems to go the extra mile to help me. I would recommend him without hesitation to anyone who needs a first class service and highly effective treatment plan.

I saw Dan for a treatment for a painful tendon problem around my ankle which I had left for far too long before seeking help. I found the combination of his professional expertise, technical experience and reassuring manner, together with his ability to explain clearly what was wrong and to ensure that I received the correct treatment, meant that I saw real improvement as quickly as was possible with this particular type of problem. I am in my late fifties and tend towards arthritis and some associated problems developed in my hip and knee because I was compensating for weakness in the ankle. Dan spotted this and also helped me with these additional problems. I would highly recommend him and the service he provides with the Shiatsu bus, it really does take the hassle out of visiting a regular physio or such like and the standard of care on offer really is first rate.

Dan is a very professional and compassionate therapist who shows that he understands the workings of the human body, especially as it ages, as well as any professional I have seen over the years. I have received excellent care over the past 6 months which has reduced my back pain so that it is barely there. I would highly recommend Dan and the Shiatsu Bus service and I am going to continue receiving treatment in order to maintain the level of comfort that I now experience.

Before I met Dan I used to have a sports massage at home once a month for about 8 years which initially helped with lower back/hip/shoulder aches and pains but then I stopped about 4 years ago as I felt the problem areas were ongoing and not improving��_��_I was weight training at the gym, getting a few niggling aches and pains, quite a lot of tension in my shoulders and neck and although yoga, qigong and meditation did help I couldn�۪t pinpoint the problem areas so decided to seek further help.I felt it was important for me to research different massage techniques offering a more alternative and holistic approach that fitted in with my lifestyle��_and also find someone who was both professional and passionate about their work. Dan was recommended to me by a close friend and this was my first introduction to shiatsu massage. I found his approach very calm and professional and he explained what to expect and gave me some background to shiatsu and answered any questions I had.I think it is natural to feel nervous the first couple of times when you do not know someone or their line of work but Dan came across as being very calm and understanding and supportive of his client�۪s needs and made me feel at ease straight away. He is very knowledgeable and is very passionate about his work and I was interested and eager to learn more about shiatsu.I came away from the first session less stressed, more relaxed, and have slept a lot better. After another couple of appointments, I found that as I relaxed more ��_he was able to apply more pressure to alleviate the tension within my scapulas and I have noticed that my posture and mobility in my shoulders have improved.As well as the massage Dan offered follow-up advice relating to my diet, any specific exercises to do and sent me information sheets on any problem areas which I found extremely helpful.I look forward to our appointments��_.and because your body changes all the time Dan will ask what I want from the massage that day, as well as asking questions that focus on your mental and physical health so he can get a better idea of your overall health. Overall, I find shiatsu massage to be calming, a restorative and healing experience that interests me to learn more about it ��_I can highly recommend Dan !!! He has an aura of calmness and care, his knowledge, enthusiasm, and passion come across��_.!

The time Dan spent easing my back together with the helpful advice he gave me has made a huge difference and I�۪m back to my full exercise regime. I�۪m also looking forward to skiing so have bravely booked to go skiing next Christmas and will be using the Shiatsu Bus service to build up the confidence to ski again! I have found the Shiatsu Bus service to be really high quality and super convenient. I might even book a treatment with a view for my birthday next year, who knows!

I had my first visit from the Shiatsu Bus in June 2020 with a persistent pain in my hip and groin area. It was stopping me enjoying the tennis and golf which I love so much and my garden which I live for. It was also painful at night. I was certain that I would be told that I might need a new hip, or that it was just "wear and tear expected at your age" ( I was 66 years old). Dan was very professional in his approach and very reassuring that he could help me. I found the service so convenient because I didn�۪t need to travel to see someone and Dan brings his incredible mobile Shiatsu clinic and parks it on the drive which I enjoy very much. The care he provides is second to none and I rate his Shiatsu treatments more highly than anything I have received from a Physio or Chiropractor and I have seen a few in my time. Anyway 3 months later, after following a regular exercise regime and with hands-on treatment from Dan, I was back on the tennis court and playing regular golf. I have returned to Dan for regular treatment to try to maintain this improvement. I am not completely cured. Maybe I will have to live with a few aching muscles, but I am probably 80% better and currently cope with long, energetic walks most days and I hope to continue to run around the tennis court and enjoy my garden for many years to come!

How many times have you said ���I could do with a massage�۝? Well problem solved! I would like to recommend Dan and his Shiatsu minibus to melt away your aches and pains. I was struggling with my neck and shoulders and needed some gentle manipulation to relax the muscles.
Dan would be happy to offer his services at your home or in a tranquil setting in the countryside.
Dan will align your muscles and bones to help you make more of your everyday life and at 71 years of age, I know!

After having done some manual work, I started experiencing numbness in my arms and hands. The pain was so great that I struggled with writing - affecting my work.I saw several professionals, but the situation was not improving.My full-time work also prevented me from approaching therapists that could support me. I was left in pain and not knowing what to do.I then found Dan. What attracted me to his work was that he could come to me, and he was all set up on the bus. He was also able to offer sessions that would not affect my work. I checked his credentials, and he ticked all the necessary professional credentials.I have seen Dan for months now, and my problems are finally improving. My sessions are helping me more than I expected. My general well-being has improved a lot. I found him to be very professional and considerate, especially around Covid. I always look forward to my session and miss it when I am unable to attend it.I would like to encourage future clients to try one session. I am sure that you will find it so helpful that you will come back!

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