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Not ready to book a paid appointment yet? No worries! I can visit you for a free discovery session first to check whether Shiatsu will help! There is no obligation to book a paid session and it's an excellent way to see how I work before committing to your treatment plan!

  • Those who aren't sure whether physio can help with their specific problem

  • Those who have been LET DOWN by another provider or the NHS

  • Those who want to see how HT Physio is different before they sign up for treatment


Please note: I only have a limited number of new patient appointments available - so enquire now to avoid missing out!

"I saw Dan for a treatment for a painful tendon problem around my ankle which I had left for far too long before seeking help. I found the combination of his professional expertise, technical experience and reassuring manner, together with his ability to explain clearly what was wrong and to ensure that I received the correct treatment, meant that I saw real improvement as quickly as was possible with this particular type of problem. I am in my late fifties and tend towards arthritis and some associated problems developed in my hip and knee because I was compensating for weakness in the ankle. Dan spotted this and also helped me with these additional problems. I would highly recommend him and the service he provides with the Shiatsu bus, it really does take the hassle out of visiting a regular physio or such like and the standard of care on offer really is first-rate"

Bill, Google Review

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Request a free 30 minute

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