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The Shiatsu Bus Food Energetics: Parsnip Risotto with British Asparagus, Tarragon, Thyme, and lemon.

This is the perfect spring recipe with lots of flavour and warming energetics. The crispy parsnips add texture while the British asparagus is unmissable for its strong and delicious flavour this time of the year.

Parsnips are a warming vegetable, as are the Leeks and Tarragon which makes this dish have a Heating and moving action on the digestive system in particular. This is an ideal meal for supporting the digestive Fire and for conditions of Cold, Damp and Stagnation.

The use of wine in the risotto reinforces the warming action on the Yang of our bodies. It includes sweet, sour and bitter flavours and helps to move Stagnation and stimulate the circulation of Blood and Ki.

Serves 2


  • 15g unsalted butter

  • 1 tbsp olive oil

  • 2 medium Leeks shredded or finely chopped

  • 6large garlic cloves, peeled and crushed/minced

  • A few sprigs of fresh thyme reserve flowers for garnish

  • 1 lemon, plus the zest

  • 150g Arborio or Carnaroli risotto rice

  • 250g trimmed Parsnips, Diced

  • 100ml white wine

  • 500ml vegetable stock

  • Salt and black pepper

  • Pack of British asparagus

  • 40g parmesan, roughly grated

  • 60g soft creamy blue cheese, such as dolcelatte or cambozola, broken up

  • 5g fresh tarragon, chopped or 2tbsp dried

  • 1 tsp lemon juice


  • Melt the butter and olive oil in a large heavy pan over a medium-high heat. Add the leeks and fry for 10 minutes, stirring occasionally, until it is soft and lightly caramelised.

  • Add the garlic, thyme and lemon zest, and cook for two minutes more.

  • Add the rice and give it all a good mix so that the rice is fully coated. Cook for a minute, stirring frequently.

  • Season well with salt and pepper.

  • Pour over the wine and let it reduce for a minute or two before you start adding the stock.

  • Wrap the asparagus tips in parchment paper with a splash of wine and quarter of lemon and bake for 20 mins

  • Meanwhile fry the cubed parsnip in olive oil and butter until golden

  • Reduce the heat to medium and carry on adding the stock ladle by ladle, until the rice is cooked but still retains a bite, and all the stock is used up. Stir regularly while cooking.

  • Remove the bare stalks of thyme from the rice and add the fried parsnip cubes

  • Add the parmesan and blue cheese to the risotto and stir gently.

  • Taste to see if it needs more seasoning.

  • Serve immediately, spooning on the asparagus with the grated lemon zest and a small squeeze of juice. I like to garnish with some parsley and Thyme flowers.

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