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What is stress and how can Shiatsu help?

Stress is caused by fear, difficult experiences, doing what we don't want to do and situations of the past. The body and mind respond to stress by creating tension in the soft tissues, muscles, and organs. . Stress is stored within the soft tissue and if this stress is not wholly resolved and released, the stress remains held like this and can lead to physical, emotional, and psychological problems.

Stress always causes compression in some layer of the body. Stress over time begins to constrict tissues, organs, glands, and bones in the physical body. 

What are some of the benefits of receiving treatments?

Shiatsu  treatments bring you through a process of releasing layers of stress and compression. Energy that has been locked up in these stress systems is liberated and recycled back into very deep layers of your body.  Shiatsu uses many techniques like stretches rotations and palm pressure  to help free your body from stress.  Some of the techniques are very deep touch, some are very light touch, but all are used to free stress patterns so that more space and motion are introduced back into your system.

Shiatsu restores the natural healing capacity of the body by helping it to relax. With Shiatsu the most important thing for me as a therapist is to recognise the bodies capacity to heal itself because the healing mechanisms of the body are activated during the treatment process.

In summary Shiatsu reduces stress, relieves pain & liberates your body's healing power. Alignment takes place at physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels.

Shiatsu treatments are appropriate for children, adults, and the elderly and almost anyone can benefit from Shiatsu.

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