The  Shiatsu Bus

The Shiatsu Bus Line Drawing

The Shiatsu Bus comes to you. Climb aboard for a Shiatsu Massage with a dedicated over 50's back pain expert.

Helping you to return to the things you love!

The Shiatsu Bus Mobile Back Pain Clinic Derbyshire aims to take away all the hassles associated with visiting a massage therapist. I offer onsite, professional therapeutic massage services to private and corporate clients from a purpose-built mobile Shiatsu Bus.

If you're in Derbyshire and are searching for a bodywork clinic with a dedicated over 50's specialist, why not find out more about me, The Shiatsu Bus, and how it can help you.

I began having shiatsu treatments with Dan after being quite ill. I’d been left feeling le

I believe that together we can give back to our local community and make a positive impact

Mental Health Statistics for Derbyshire


All areas of Derbyshire are comparable or worse than the English average for prevalence of common mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression. There are an estimated 80,000 individuals suffering from mental health problems in Derbyshire. All districts of Derbyshire (except South Derbyshire) have higher rates of disability and long term health conditions as compared to England.

Derbyshire Dales has the worst access to GPs based on average travel time to a GP, which impacts on take up of services such as Increasing Access to Psychological Therapy programmes.

As part of our commitment to supporting our local community we operate a 'Buy One Give Towards One' option.


The Buy One Give Towards One concept is really straightforward. Every time you have a treatment you have the option to donate towards a treatment for someone suffering from a mental health challenge and who is unable to afford a treatment. This is mainly aimed at local people in Derbyshire and The Shiatsu Bus meets the first 20% of the cost of the donated treatment. I hope many of you will enjoy making a real positive impact on our local communities together by joining me in the Shiatsu Bus  Buy One Give Towards One business model!


Shiatsu is a physical therapy that supports and strengthens the body’s natural ability to heal and balance itself. It works on the whole person - not just with the physical body, but also with the psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person too. 

Woman receieving massage for back pain inside mobile Shiatsu bus
Demonstrating a Shiatsu technique to relieve back pain
Therapist holding clients neck using Shiatsu technique on a mobile busp
Dan demonstrating Shiatsu massage inside his mobile Shiatsu bus

Is Shiatsu right for me?

  • If you are aged 50+ and live in Derbyshire and truly value your health and want to live free from nagging and painful problems.

  • If Painkillers AREN'T working for you and you still wish to remain active.

  • If you want to know a Therapist who tailors a treatment plan to YOUR needs

  • If you have a clear goal that YOU want to achieve - and are SERIOUS about achieving it!

  • If you DON'T want to rely solely on NHS treatment - and can't afford to wait up to 12 weeks to be seen on the NHS.

  • If you want to regain your vitality and social life after being held back by a painful problem!

I specialise in helping health-conscious, active people over 50 in Derbyshire to regain their mobility and avoid surgery by solving their pain and discomfort so they can say goodbye to stress, sleep better, and live life to the full!

Shaistsu specialist Dan posing for photo inside The Shiatsu Bus

Meet Dan – Shiatsu Therapist

Derbyshire's leading over-50's specialist and owner of The Shiatsu Bus.

Dan is a back pain expert and he specialises in helping people in Derbyshire aged 50+ to get off pain killers, avoid surgery and live the life they deserve!


I don't believe in telling people that their problems are "just due to their age", nor do I subscribe to the "take stronger painkillers" advice that you may have received from the NHS.


I focus on taking my clients from feeling anxious and limited by injury, to having the confidence to return to the things they love!


If you're in Derbyshire, and are searching for a bodywork clinic with a dedicated over 50's specialist, why not get in touch to see how The Shiatsu Bus can help you to achieve your goals?

You can see more about The Shiatsu Bus by selecting the link below. 


Some of my wonderful clients

Maya mid 50's cured of numbness in arms and hands with Shiatsu

Maya, mid 50's

After having done some manual work, I started experiencing numbness in my arms and hands. The pain was so great that I struggled with writing - affecting my work. I saw several professionals, but the situation was not improving. My full-time work also prevented me from approaching therapists that could support me. I was left in pain and not knowing what to do. I then found Dan.... read more.

Client Cynthis, lats 60's explaining how Shiatsu Therapy relived her hip pain

Cynthia, late 60's

I had my first visit from the Shiatsu Bus in June 2020 with a persistent pain in my hip and groin area. It was stopping me enjoying the tennis and golf which I love so much and my garden which I live for. It was also painful at night. I was certain that I would be told that I might need a new hip, or that it was just "wear and tear expected at your age" ( I was 66 years old). Dan was very professional in his approach ... read more.

PAT Testimonial Shiatsu massage relived pack pain

Pat, early 50's

Before I went to see Dan I had been in constant pain for about 18 months. I tried an Osteopath and a Physiotherapist (who didn't manage to get to the bottom of my constant nagging back pain), and a deep tissue massage which helped but it was very difficult to get an appointment with her. The painkillers I was prescribed helped temporarily mask some of the symptoms but  .... read more.

Jean early 80's helped to regain a resonable level of walking on The Shiatsu Bus

Jean, early 80's

I would like to both thank you for your attention and congratulate you on the treatment I received which has enabled me to resume a satisfactory level of mobility. Having reached the age of 82, had two hip replacements and subsequently three dislocations I had almost despaired of regaining a reasonable level of walking but thanks to your initial assessment and subsequent treatment I am now ... read more.

Inside The Shiatsu bus with view of Derbysire through the windows

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